Best Military Diet Sweeteners

So you have decided to go on the Military Diet, but now you need to know what sweeteners are best for those three days of restricted calories intake. Well, if you have always believed artificial ones like sugar are the way to go, there are some things you need to know.

Artificial sweeteners are, well, artificial – they are man made substances created in a lab in order to provide the millions of obese and diabetic people in this world with an alternative to the sugar that more than likely made them that way. While these substitutes may not have the usual calories, they can cause serious health problems.

Man-Made Sweets In Army Diet: Big No-No!

Artificial sweet substances such as Splenda, Sweet ‘N’ Low, Equal, and Nutrasweet all contain ingredients that have been found to cause headaches, heart palpitations, muscle cramps, depression, and panic attacks. Perhaps worst of all, is that these types of sweeteners can actually cause you to gain pounds, even though they were developed as an alternative to sugar for those trying to lose weight. When the ingredients of these are introduced into the body, they actually cause a spike in blood sugar as insulin is released into the bloodstream.

Just imagine that when we eat a lot of sweets, insulin serves for our bodies as NAVY forces trying to fight with our enemy – the army of ingested sugar. When this happens, it causes the body to go into fat storage mode and essentially negates the entire reason for choosing artificial ones over regular sugar. With all of these negatives, there are many reasons why you should avoid them, both while trying to burn fat and otherwise.

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Sugar for Military DietMany of us absolutely have to have some type of sweetness in our coffee, which is an important part of this fat burning regimen. Even though the artificial sweeteners need to be avoided, there are other alternatives that can fit in with a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, without causing unnecessary side effects.

Stevia is a natural source of sweet flavor that is made from the leaves of an herb, making it completely natural, and much safer than the alternatives. While it is still relatively new in comparison to the other alternatives, all of the information has been positive. There are no known side effects, no calories or carbs, and has no impact on the glycemic index. This alternative provides all of this while being sweeter tasting than sugar, and without the unwanted side effects.

The Alternative To Sugar For 3-Day Plan?

This military nutrition plan is focused on strict calorie restrictions, so your typical first choices of sweet flavor or anything else that adds calories is off limits for the three days you are on it. As an alternative to sweets that are not allowed, Stevia is one of the better choices since it is natural at its base. It is still processed to become usable as a sugar replacement, but there are not added ingredients like those found in other man-made alternatives.

One thing to remember about the Military Diet is that the foods are designed to work together to help you lose some pounds quickly. You can make substitutions, but they must contain the exact same amount of calories as whatever you are replacing. If you use a sweetener like Stevia, you do not have to worry about adjusting any of the other foods to make up for the calories that you are adding.

3-day diet Sweetener

Stevia is rather expensive compared to regular sugar, but it is also much sweeter tasting. You use significantly less of it for the same taste, so that does help balance out the cost. During the three days of the military weight loss plan, it can be difficult to adjust for your needs for sweets and still be successful. However, during the four days off of the diet, you can return to your normal eating habits. The thing is, if you truly want to lose as much fat as possible, you still need to eat healthy.

Instead of reaching for the classical substances you would normally use during those four days off, opt for honey or maple syrup instead. These are both natural, have antioxidants that are beneficial for your health, and they do not cause the same spike and insulin reaction as seen with regular sugar.

When you make the decision to begin with the 3-days army diet, you are making a commitment to making sacrifices in the foods you eat. Stevia can help you have the sweetness you want, without causing you to add calories.

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