Garcinia Cambogia Extract: The Weight Loss Truth Exposed!!!

You will not find it nestled between the mangoes and bananas at your local food shop in North America. Although it is a fruit that is native to a tree that grows naturally in a faraway land – Indonesia.

Ad it has been around for a long time – for centuries. It has found itself being used in delicious hot curries and cooling chutneys. It has been used to preserve and cure fish of all varieties. And, more recently, it has found itself at the center of a storm of intense interest across the planet.

The Dr. Oz Connection

A rather popular fellow named Dr. Oz had something to say about this extract on his TV show. Are you familiar with Dr. Oz?  He is an internationally acclaimed surgeon who Oprah took notice of in 2004. Oprah invited Dr. Oz to host a regular segment on her popular afternoon talk show; his winning personality and passion for cultivating good health led to his being offered a spin-off show, co-produced by Ms. Winfrey.

Millions of viewers invite Dr. Oz into their living rooms every day, and when he referred to this fruit as the “holy grail of weight loss,” people sat up and took notice. “Garcinia Cambogia” (GC) was typed into Internet search engines all across the land. People wanted to learn more.

Let’s take a little time to explore why North America yearns for products that will help them to shed pounds, as this is the backdrop against which this extract rose to prominence.

The Obesity Epidemic

We know that obesity is a real and serious problem in North American society. Medical experts and governments are working hard to get the word out about the serious risks we take when we accept our obesity as opposed to fighting hard against it.

We’ve learned that our heart is not equipped to act as an engine for an obese body; that it functions best when we work to keep our body size within a reasonable range. We’ve also learned that as we gain weight, we are changing how our inner organs work as well, putting ourselves at risk for serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and depression.

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Losing pounds is going to be the challenge for North American culture for the next few decades – for if the issue is not tackled, the outcomes will be dire.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight because of a slow metabolic rate, you know that the road can be long and challenging. If you have embraced eating as a way to deal with emotional issues, you know that getting desired body shape can be a true struggle.

If it was easy to do, we would not be confronted with a societal obesity problem. It is  because we want to take positive steps toward health that supplements like extract from this exotic food are welcomed with open arms.

Let’s have a look at what it is – exactly – and how it is thought to aid in the process of getting skinny. Our goal is to provide you with information about this GC so that you can consider whether it is a substance that you believe could help you get where you want to go.

What Is It?

As we pointed out above, it is a humble fruit that is native to Indonesia. Shaped much like a pumpkin, it grows on bright green trees that contrast beautifully with its bright yellow or green skin. It is most cheerful in its appearance.

The Malaysian people have long thought it to have the effect of reducing hunger; they’ve eaten a soup made from this colorful food for centuries. Such soup begins the meal, as it is believed that the fullness it brings will reduce the impulse to overeat as the meal progresses.

In North America, you are most likely to see it on a shelf at a shop with healthy stuff or a drug store as a supplement. This supplement comes not from the inner pulp of this Indonesian food but from its rind. It may not have the zing of an Asian curry or the soothing powers of a Malaysian soup, but it is supposed to help you in your quest to achieve a healthy weight. This is not a small thing.

How Does It Work?

The substance that is extracted from its rind has a scientific name, hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This is obviously naturally occurring acid but just what does it do when we ingest it into our bodies?

The HCA extract is thought to work in two ways:

  1. Reducing the appetite,
  2. Changing how your body deals with fat.

Let’s take the first of these two.

We all know that gnawing feeling that steadily grows within us until it cannot be ignored. We call it hunger. Hunger serves an important purpose, of course, letting our brain know that our systems needs fuel and it is time to eat something. Unfortunately, sometimes we experience hunger when we already have more than enough fuel.

If we eat whenever we feel hungry, the food we do not need will be stored as fat. This is why one of the best choices when it comes to reducing body size is to reduce your hunger, your overwhelming appetite, so that you will not eat more fuel than you can manage.

Skinny Belly After Garcinia Cambogia DietHCA is thought to reduce our appetites. How does it do so? It increases the amount of seratonin we have in our bodies. Seratonin is an extraordinarily powerful neurotransmitter that affects how we feel; a lack of seratonin has been proven to result in edginess and low moods. If you sometimes struggle with bouts of the blues, it may be a lack of seratonin that is the culprit.

Most people eat less when they are feeling happy and positive. It is when darkness falls, when we feel low and uncertain, that we are more likely to shuffle over to the refrigerator and choose something to eat – something that we really don’t need.

Let’s turn to the second way that Garcinia Cambogia is meant to help us reduce our overall weight. Do you know what citrate lyase is? It is an enzyme that occurs naturally in our bodies; its job is to make fatty stuff out of carbohydrates. And HCA slows down citrate lyase.

If citrate lyase cannot turn carbohydrates as quickly as it usually does, it means that you will have less of it being stored, and more carbohydrates being used directly as an energy source.

This kind of fundamental change can be a game changer. If your body is super efficient at producing lipids and storing them, it is more difficult for you to shed unwanted pounds. You can even multiply this effect by introducing some of this list of fat burning foods into your daily meal plan.

Changing things up in order to increase efficiency at using carbohydrates as fuel is a clever way to start shedding pounds – maybe even those stubborn ones that have stayed with you through countless exercise regimes and diets.

Does It Have Other Benefits?

  • Vitamin C: It is worth pointing out that this exotic stuff has lots of vitamin C. Most of us know that the sunshine vitamin brings us many benefits as human beings, but a brief review is never a bad idea. Regularly ingested amounts of vitamin C can strengthen our immune systems, helping is to ward off infection and illness. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and to work to ensure that our blood vessels stay open as they should. Even cataracts may be prevented by our friend vitamin C – it increases the flow of blood to our eyes and works to keeps their surface healthy.
  • Cortezole Management: Stress affects the well-being of our minds and our bodies, if not managed properly. Do you know what cortezole is? It is a stress hormone that occurs naturally on our bodies; if we have too much of it, we will experience the unhealthy kind of stress. This fruit has been linked to the proper management of its levels within our bodies, leaving us with less negative stress to contend with.

Do All Doctors Recommend This Extract For Getting Skinny?

This is an important question to address as we know that the online marketplace spills over with supplements that promise to help you to lose weight; to see a more svelte version of yourself when you look in your dressing mirror. We also know that not all of these supplements do what they say they will. Some may even be harmful to your health.

As we reviewed earlier in the article, the recommendation by Dr. Oz meant that an outrageous amount of attention was directed at this substance; it was as if a giant spotlight descended from the sky and focused all of its brilliance on GC.

What Have We Learned About It Since Then?

We went to Web MD to look for an answer to this question. According to this reputable Website, the GC may have properties that are linked to the prevention of excessive fat storage and to lessening of appetites. Though they caution that these effects have so far been proven in animals and not yet in humans.

The verdict, according to Web MD, is that the jury is out as not all the testing that should be done has been done. We do not want to give our readers the impression that there is consensus among medical professionals that all overweight people would benefit from taking this supplement.

What we do want to do is to lay out the information as we have found it, and encourage you, our reader, to go forward and learn more about how it could help in our battles against our bulges.

To Wrap Up

The earth brings us countless numbers of plants, fruits and vegetables. Some we know well because we’ve been eating them all of our lives. We intuitively understand how they help us to remain healthy.

Here are some tips for slim figure:

Occasionally, we are introduced to a stuff that harks from a faraway land, from a place most of us do not know about. This is the case with GC. We know that it has been mixed into curries, soups, and chutneys in Asia for hundreds and hundreds of years. But to us it is new.

It may be that introducing this new food into our diet will bring us positive results, such as necessary body fat loss. If so, this will be a supplement welcomed to many bathroom medicine cabinets.  If you are considering introducing Garcinia Cambogia, in supplement form, into your diet, you should do so after completing your own personal research.

We have found that there does seem to be some evidence that GC may indeed work as a part of a successful dietary regime. You can buy its extract from online shops or at your local supplement shop, should you decide to take the plunge.

If there is one idea that you take away from this article, we hope it is that being obese or overweight is definitely known to bring serious health consequences. Human beings have a remarkable capacity to take actions that harm ourselves. As we bite into that juicy third piece of cheesy pizza, as oil dribbles down our chins, we breathe in the bliss of that moment.

We do not think about how a small joy like eating fatty foods too often can shorten our lives and bring us real suffering. Therefore, this may be one way forward. The important thing is to take the first step of a quest to get slim & sexy. You’ll definitely thank yourself later.

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