Military Diet Results

Please Note: This article is a collection of comments, responses and video testimonials from related websites around the internet. Therefore, it is not in our possibilities to verify whether they reflect the reality.

Real Person´s Video Experience From

Review of Results No.1:

In the first video you can see and listen to experience of the user JaxonsMom11. She claims, that although she was afraid that she would cheat and would not last for three days, she managed fine. She was surprised that the feeling of hunger between each meals was surprisingly manageable and with a little bit of willpower she managed to lose 5 pounds during three days. This resulted in a loss of 2 inches of her waist, 0,5 inch of her chest, 0,5 inch of her neck, 3 inches of her both arms, 4 inches of her both legs & 1 inch of her thighs.

BTW: For more information about this weight loss plan, read my review of 3-day army diet here.

Review No.2:

In the second video you will watch user MsTweet37. She speaks about the 3-day meal-plan and how she managed to cope with it. She states, that for her it was sometimes too strict – she felt as she was on a fast. However, she had successfully managed to go through this 3-day process with some substitutions while drinking a lot of water. She can boast with the fact that she managed to lose 6 pounds in 3 days!

Review No.3:

In this last video you can watch user JennasBandedJourney as she speak about her results with military nutrient plan. She admits, that she cheated a little bit but at the same time she points out that it was not so though to follow 3-day meal-plan . Although she was cheating she managed to get rid of almost 4 pounds.

Experience In Comments Sections On Dietary & Fitness Blogs

  • Thread on fat loss at

In this forum, people emphasize, that there is no science behind this program and that it is kind of a strict form of restrictive eating. However, they say that you can lose weight as user TSCOTT did with it but do not recommend it for a long-term weight loss solution, only as a temporary & extreme fix.

3-Day Military Diet Discussion

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  • Comments from

It has to be admitted that the opinions on this dietary plan vary significantly on this website. Although there are many people who criticize it without even trying it out, here are some results of those who actually had tried it out

Military Diet Results

See those comments here:

  • Discussion Thread on

This discussion thread is similarly as the one before full of controversial attitudes to this diet. People who look at it and do not try it out see it as a wrong type of meal plan that will not help you, those who tried it as for example user BoomBoomWomb, manage to shed around 5 pounds of weight.

3-day Diet Discussion Thread

See the whole discussion thread here:

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