Simple Strategies For Men To Lose Weight

If you are a guy who is overweight you’re probably not only worried about your looks but also your health. Carrying excess body fat as a man can increase your chances of heart disease as well as the risk of certain types of cancer. Whatever your age it is time to slim down and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Below are several tips that will help you eat properly to shed some pounds without feeling over deprived, and also for enhanced performance in all areas of your life.

Weight Loss Foods

Men tend to prefer meals that are more likely to lead to fat storage over healthful ones. These include things such as burger and chips, hot-dogs, pizza and fried chicken. Rather than trying to eliminate these friends from your diet entirely, you will probably be more successful if you allow yourself a treat every now and then – for example on a Friday night or while watching the football on a Saturday.

Few basic tips for men to shed some fat from Howcast:

However, if you do want to get rid of some pounds and are serious about improving your health, you will need to stop eating these on a daily basis. Burgers should be replaced with a lean protein food such as grilled chicken breast or fish.

Instead of pizza, try eating a crust less alternative. Baked zucchini topped with tinned or natural tomatoes and low-fat grated cheese with diced onions or tuna is a great low-calorie alternative, that is easy to prepare and you will barely notice the difference. In fact you will likely become accustomed and will probably prefer it! Instead of eating deep-fried stuff such as potato chips or chicken nuggets, swap them for baked potatoes and grilled chicken. Adding a salad to your meals will also help to keep you feeling full and increase your vitamin and mineral intake.

If you want to know more about nutrients that will help you get skinny again, then read the list of fat burning foods provided here.


Fat Loss ExercisesLike many women, these days a large percentage of men have jobs that do not require excessive movement. Working at a desk or on the computer for many hours every day is a sure-fire way to end up putting on weight.

At the weekends, instead of just sitting in front of the TV watching soccer, try participating instead. Go to the park with the kids for a game of football, or buddy up with a friend and take up tennis or squash. If you have the room, you could try installing a tennis table game in your spare bedroom or basement. This is a great way to burn stored fat as well is providing hours of fun and quality family time.

Home gyms are also great for building muscle and speeding up metabolism without requiring that you make the trip to the local gym, when you may be short on time and not in the mood for travelling.

Choose Your Meals Wisely

If you are a single guy you probably do not like to spend much time in the kitchen and prefer to eat takeaways rather than cooking something for yourself.

Tuna SteakWhen ordering out, be aware that some things that we eat are far more likely to cause weight gain than others. Takeaway Chinese meals are one of the worst culprits, and many of the dishes served at a Chinese restaurant or takeaway can contain more calories than you require for a whole day. Chinese food is also extremely high in sodium which increases growth of your body size by stimulating your organism to retain fluids.

Therefore, when deciding where to go for a takeaway meal, try to stick to outlets that have salad bar buffets and healthy vegetable choices. A baked potato with tuna and a large green salad contains only around 400 calories compared to 1060 in a McDonald’s Big Mac meal.

Cut Down on Alcohol

White WineDrinking too many alcoholic drinks is one of the primary reasons why men gain weight. Alcohol has only empty calories; this means that those you consume have no nutrients at all.

When you drink alcohol your body uses it as the first source of energy, so until all the alcohol energy is used, you will not burn any stored fat.

Considering that most alcoholic drinks are drunk in the evening it is little wonder that drinking alcohol leads to weight gain.

If you do have an alcoholic drink, try to stick to white wine and soda instead of beer or mixed drinks, as it has fewer carbohydrates and calories.

Drink More Water

Many different studies have found that drinking lots of water helps to increase metabolism. A recent study spread over a period of three months discovered that those people who drank two glasses of this liquid before each meal lost on average five pounds more than a control group of dieters. This group also managed to maintain their reduced weight a year later. Amazing, is it not?

BTW: If you have fat on your belly then you should definitely read about fat loss tips that are concentrated on this area. Check it out at How To Lose Belly Fat 101: Get That Perfect Tummy With Our Tips And Strategies.

Water for Weight LossThe study was based on middle-aged and elderly obese people, but there is no reason to think that drinking more water will not have the same effect on younger people.

There are several ways why it helps to become slim. During the study participants who drank water at breakfast ate about 75 calories less than the second control group. They were not told to restrict how much food they ate, and all participants ate as much as they wanted.

Another group of adults were put on a restricted calorie diet of between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. Half the group were told to drink 16 ounces of water before their meals, while the other half were also given water but without instructions on how much to drink. The group which got instructions lost an average of 15.5lbs in 12 weeks compared to 11lbs lost by the group who did not have them.

It is believed that drinking water leads the body to produce more heat which also boosts metabolism and therefore burns more stored lipids. It is probably also beneficial because if you drink plenty of it you are less likely to reach for sugary drinks like coke and fruit juice.

Become Informed

Women are generally fairly well-informed about how many calories each type of food contains and what constitutes a balanced meal, even if they do not always eat foods that conform to a healthy standard. This is because women’s magazine and TV programs targeted at women often focus on nutrition and diets, and women are used to ingesting this information from a young age.

Therefore, The Slim Donkey recommends to all men on the globe to start reading more about issue how to get skinny as well as many myths connected to healthy fat loss.

Men however, are more likely to read newspapers or publications about sports and other topics that interest them, and usually have little idea about which meals are considered healthy and which not.

Reading up on nutrition can go a long way in helping you make healthy diet choices, or if you do not like the getting stuck into diet information, try using an app for your android phone or iPhone. There are literally hundreds of apps that will help you with your efforts to get sexy body by informing you which foods are best for shedding pounds. You will also find numerous apps that help you maintain a regular exercise routine, which is just as important as diet when it comes to dropping excessive pounds.

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