Success Stories & Testimonials Of Skinny Fiber

Many of you, dear readers have asked me about some results that ordinary people who use skinny fiber pills achieve. Therefore, I have decided to write this article, in which you will be able to read as well as watch several testimonials from various websites in order to maintain higher level of coverage. Here they follow:

Facebook Comments

Here you are able to see and read testimonials from three people that are officially published on Facebook:

  • Patti

result of skinny fiber diet

Here is a success story of Patti. She claims that she managed to shed amazing 30 pounds just in 3 months. As you can see after her high fiber diet she looks much younger and healthier. I bet she will continue this diet as she has still some excessive fat to lose but you have to admit that even now she looks fabulous! Congratulations to such a huge change Patti!

  • Shelley

Shelley & Her Skinny Fiber Results

Shelly has went over amazing change of her look as well as the way how she treat herself. Thanks to the product from Skinny Body Care company she is 50 lbs. down from her original weight. She looks fabulous and much more energized. Although she lost so much, she is eager to continue with these pills. The only thing she gained on this diet is healthy self-esteem.

  • Walt Simpson

Walt Simpson - Facebook Testimony

As you can see in the picture, Walt managed to make huge body transformation thanks to Skinny Fiber Pills. Before he went on to try these tablets in December 2012, he had 225 lbs. As you can see his body was a long way from the ideal male figure. However, just after half a year, he was able to shed amazing 40 lbs. of his original weight. Just look at how sexy his body is now! Really amazing work Walt!

YouTube Videos

Here are two video testimonials that might interest you as well:

  • User:  Rebecca Robicheau

I her video, Rebecca shares with us that thanks to the skinny fiber 90 days challenge she managed to shed 25 pounds. That is amazing success! What is more, this body fat reduction was mostly visible on size of her clothes as she went from size 20 to size 14! That is 6 sizes difference! As an additional effect this body size reduction make her to love herself and her body much more and this is very important for each and every women! Although she points out that these pills are not magic ones (serve only as a help to keep cravings away) she has decided to take another 90 days challenge. Just see it for yourself!

  • User: Annette Burgess

Annette points out that although initially she had felt really sleepy, this feeling has faded away after 3 days. More importantly, she explains that just after 2 days she had not felt that urge to eat sweets and to overeat herself. The effect of suppression of cravings is most beneficial for her dietary efforts as she now can significantly reduce the amount  of daily calories intake. She totally recommends this product for everyone as a support in their fat loss efforts.

Other Websites

Here is a collection of three various websites where ordinary people provide their results:

  • Pinterest User Sabrina

Pinterest - Sabrina Clements Testimony

As you can see in the image Sabrina´s weight was almost 210 lbs. before she has decided to start with this diet. She claims she had successfully lost 31,5 lbs. of her body fat and got on much smaller cloth size. This is significant change in her life that she is really thankful!

  • Lea

Lea, recent follower of this diet has published on her blogspot blog called “Burn Fat Lose Weight Get Skinny Feel Great” that after 60 days on her challenge she managed to shed 18 pounds. She adds, that this was exactly the weight she had gained after given birth so she has finally a body in such shape as it was before her pregnancies. However, she does not stop and continues to maintain this diet in order to get her ideal figure she so long dreams about!

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  • Hephzibah raimond

    I think I love the testimonies on your page about skinny fibre.but I fear side effects.are there any dangerous side effects?