Top 10 Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

It’s a lot easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. Quite often, we don’t notice it sneaking up on us; a few pounds here or there, a few skipped trips to the gym, a few nights we’re too tired to go for a run or do more than order pizza for dinner. Before we know it, we’re packing on extra pounds. We aren’t sure how it could have happened so easily, and we don’t know how to get started with successfully losing the excess pounds and getting back in shape.

Diets, meal plans, supplements and the like can all help with obesity, but the one sure-fire method to losing body size and keeping it at bay is exercise. Being physically active on a regular basis will speed up your metabolism, burn fat and calories and build muscle. It also has a number of other health benefits.


If you’re working out to get your desired figure, you likely want to know specific exercises you should do to maximize effectiveness of your time spent at the gym. The best exercises for burning of some fat will include a cardio aspect and a toning aspect. They’ll help you see results faster and burn the most.

List Of Top Fat Burning Exercises:

  1. Cycling – Whether you’re taking your bike out on the road, using an exercise bike in the gym or attending a spin class, cycling is an excellent way to burn some pounds. It requires more than just an enjoyable ride through the park, though. While that’s good, weight loss benefits from cycling are going to come when you push yourself to ride with more intensity. Do so and you could burn between 500 and 1000 cal. an hour.
  1. weight-burning-exercisesSwimming – An excellent choice if you’re recovering from an injury or have joint problems, swimming regularly can help you significantly transform your body. It’s enjoyable, too! Swimming lengths of the pool for an hour can burn approximately 800 calories and help you tone your whole body.
  1. Step Aerobics Class – A sweat-inducing, calorie-burning class, it will mainly target your legs, hips and bum. Try an hour-long class twice a week and you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll start noticing results.
  1. Rowing – A great way to tone your upper body and an incredible fat burner, rowing can also be really fun. If you live near water, look into joining a rowing club in your area. If not, the rowing machine at the gym does an excellent job too.
  1. Walking – Whether you’re speed-walking through your neighborhood, heading to the nearest track or using the treadmill at the gym, brisk walking is a great way to tone your legs, bum and stomach. If you’re able to add an incline on the treadmill or walk on hilly streets in your area, even better.

Here are some video tips for running from Howcast:

  1. Zumba (or other dancing) – If you have a hard time getting into an exercise routine, you might have more success with something really fun, like a dance class. Zumba is great for anyone who’s not “into” the gym as it’s light-hearted and doesn’t require you have any previous dance skills.  Dancing is an awesome way to tone your entire body.
  1. Jumping on a Trampoline – This one may be challenging to arrange, unless you have a trampoline for the kids or know someone who will let you use theirs. But if you’re able to gain access to a trampoline, bouncing is a fun and effective way to get rid of overweight. It burns calories and is great for toning your abs and core. If you jump for an hour, you could lose up to 400 cal.. Just be mindful of your safety; falls can lead to serious injuries.
  1. Kickboxing – If you’re up for an intense workout that will leave you exhausted but feeling like a fat-burning superhero, take a kickboxing class. It’ll work your entire body, and you could burn up to 600 cal. in an hour.
  1. SoccerSoccer – Are you more of a team sports person? If so, you’ll get a great workout by joining a local soccer team. If there isn’t a league in your area, gather some friends together to kick a ball around a few times a week, or take the kids to the park and play with them. You could easily burn off 400 calories in an hour.
  1. Weight Training – Lifting weights will help you build or develop muscle, and muscle will assist you in burning fat. Therefore, if you’re exercising to get into shape, you may want to consider this as part of your workout routine. If you aren’t sure of where to start with all the tools and machines in the gym, set up an appointment with a trainer who can provide some instruction and give you advice on how to target specific areas or tone your body without getting bulky.

Before you begin any exercise routine, or diet for that matter, it’s important that you speak to your doctor. This is especially true if you have health conditions or have been inactive for a while. Jumping in to an exercise routine only to suffer a setback because of a health condition, injury or just overdoing it can be greatly discouraging. It’s better to start off slow, be careful, and increase the intensity and challenge of your workout gradually.

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Remember, you didn’t become out of shape overnight. It happened gradually, so taking it off and getting fit will take time as well. If you’re exercising to lose weight, don’t get frustrated and quit when you don’t see instant results. Keep at it – even the highly effective exercise suggestions in this list will take time. Combine your new exercise routine with eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. Before you know it, you’ll notice an improvement in the way you feel and not long after that, in the way you look. With persistence, the pounds will come off!

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