What Is Truly Behind The Fat Loss Factor Program?

There is never a shortage of fat reduction products, but rarely is there a product or system like the one I am going to write about. You may see this and immediately think about all the products out there that have led you astray or just haven’t been everything you were looking for. While that may happen, the best way to avoid it is to research everything about weight loss plan first. Once you have done an accurate amount of searching and getting the right information you are bound to stumble across a great product like the one that is reviewed below.

What Does It Consist Of?

FLF Author - Dr. Charles Livingston Well firstly in this review it is worth pointing out that it is a combination of a book that will be send to you together with online plan that is available for immediate download after the purchase. As always, the first question is none other than, what is this program? For starters, this isn’t a miracle treatment. This is a system that is based on 12-weeks nutrients and exercises plan and you can easily track things online. Because of its length, they do provide a support system with things like goal-setting (etc.).

When you will get this plan and will have your first look into it, you will be given a possibility to pick one of the four choices of levels of intensity. More precisely, each level is based on how much you weigh and just how much you want to shed. The levels are:

  • Beginner,
  • Intermediate,
  • Rapid,
  • Extreme weight loss.

Red Arrow RightBTW: Do you know that this program was invented by real doctor? You can read more about Dr. Charles Livingston – the author of FLF here…

The Stages

LoriOnce you have decided on the correct level for you, they will then show you the stages. What is more, this program is divided into two different stages to begin your process of weight reduction.

Stage 1

  • Consists of the detox plan. For this stage, it is important for your body to start eliminating toxins, increasing energy and even strengthening the immune system. This all takes place because you will be replacing your normal diet, with a diet full of natural unprocessed foods. Depending on how much of the fatty non-healthy foods you normally consume, this could be a shock to your system. Luckily it will be the only shock taking place, as the only exercise you have to do during these two weeks is walking for maybe an hour a day.

Stage 2

  • Is what they consider the 10 Week Lifestyle Un-Diet. You will be changing your diet again, as well as incorporating more exercise into your routine. You will be able to eat lean meats and healthy fats as opposed to having them cut out like before.

For an exercise regimen you are looking at three separate strength-training workouts up to an hour long, using machines or videos for the exercise and some shorter workouts for stressful days. You will only need to perform these regimens three days a week in the beginning.

How Much Does This Fat Burning Diet Plan By Dr. Charles Cost?

Fat Loss Factor

An elaborate  fat loss diet scheme like this, you would think would cost you a fortune right? Well, they must have kept affordability in mind because the standing price is only $47. Plus, you do have a money back guarantee that comes with it as well.

Red Arrow RightIf you want to directly get this comprehensive program follow this link – BUY FLF GUIDE.


Consumers have come across a list of advantages with this product. The first thing they liked that really caught their attention, was the ability to choose. Compared to other plans that you have to do the same as everyone else, here you can take an option based on individual goals. That brings up the next point; they feel as if even the exercise program is customized to what their personal level may be. A factor that health experts enjoy with this plan, is that it acknowledges that life is stressful and you are going to need assistance with relaxation and managing stress. The element that everyone agrees is attributed to our annoying weight gain in the first place.


Well, it can’t be on the shelves without someone finding an aspect that they don’t enjoy. Fortunately the cons are not as bad as some of the other options on the shelves today. For instance, while initial cost may not be much, the overall may get overbearing. This is simply because organic food is normally more expensive to buy and it does require a gym membership unless you have a home gym. It may also take a bit more time than others because there is no meal plan, which means you have to prepare and plan your own diet. Although, it does give you some ideas to start with.

Fat Loss Factor DownloadThe reviews of fat loss factor are certainly not bad. In fact, you can consider most of them raving and that’s even coming from physicians. There may be a few aspects of the rapid program they may disagree with, but reportedly they did agree that it is worth a shot. Not only does it help you to lose weight in an efficient manner, but it teaches you how to live a healthier lifestyle than you were previously.

Did you know that it only takes 20 repetitions of a daily routine for something to become habit? There are definitely more than 20 repetitions here. Since you are looking at a healthy option, why not go for a long term one as well? That way you won’t be stuck looking for a regimen in another year.

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