What To Eat During 4 Days Off The 3-Day Diet

The military meal plan is a recent fad diet that claims to offer followers a “chemically formulated” set of food options that you eat for three days a week that is designed to help you burn fat by revving up your metabolism and helping you lose weight fast. Its creator claims that you can lose as much as “ten pounds a week” by eating this way. This is a pretty lofty claim by any dietary standard, especially when most doctors and nutritionists will tell you that losing more than two or three pounds in one week may be unhealthy by putting too much stress on the body. However, if you follow the 3-day plan, the prescription of scientifically formulated foods is eaten only three times a week. What can you eat the other four days of the week? Certainly you’re not supposed to just fast the whole time?

Keep The Off-Days To 1,500 Calories


The creator of the Military Diet says that as long as your total caloric intake is less than you burn, then you will not gain weight on your “off-days.” As a general rule, the suggested number of daily calories is 1,500 because even if you don’t do any sort of physical activity you are probably burning more than you are taking in. The Military meal-plan does encourage some forms of physical activity but at the same time claims that you can lose more while exercising less because of the way it is designed.

  • Got Those Off-Day Calories Dialed In? Great! Now, What Can You Eat?

This fat reduction program has a website in which it outlines a series of preset choices that you can chose from. On this nutritional program you are supposed to eat five times a day (three meals plus two snacks) and the website lists a range of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are designed to keep you specifically within that 1,500 calorie window discussed above. Food choices are typically low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates from foods such as whole wheat and other “healthy whole grains.”

  • The Army Diet Meal Plan

This regimen, however, is not intended to be something you have to follow strictly on your off-days since it would kind of defeat the purpose of “dieting” only three times a week. No, the off-day options & food choices are presented so you can have easy access to a plan that keeps you within your daily caloric allotment without having to keep track of them. Sensing a theme here?

  • 3-Day DietKeep Calories Low Even On Your Off Days

Still, the big crutch of this program is keeping caloric intake low overall. And as any dieter who has had success can tell you, if what you eat is in summary less than what you are burning, then yes, you will shed your body fat. Therefore, keeping calories so low, even on off-days where this plan assumes that you can shed some pounds by “only dieting three days a week” seems like a full-time program to me. There is one thing I like about this one however, and that is the thing this dietary menu seems to be quite strict about (besides caloric intake) even on the off-days – the water intake.

  • Drink Water And Lots Of It!

Yes. You would be surprised how many calories we take in just by “drinking” them. Sweetened beverages such as sodas, teas, coffee, and even “all-natural” juices are loaded with sugar are their sources that we rarely make up for by cutting them in other areas of our food intake. But proponents of this regimen point to our need to stay hydrated. So what to do? Ditch the sweet stuff. Drink water. Lots of it. If you must have your coffee and tea then drink it unsweetened and black. But just be sure to count the ten calories from you unsweetened cup of joe (yes, the website says to do this) and be prepared to cut it from your diet elsewhere.

  • Follow The 3-Days Diet Closely to Maximize your Results!

The Military Diet is a three day nutritional plan that you must follow strictly. What can you do to keep it so that you don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts on your 4 off days? Well proponents of this program say it doesn’t really matter what you eat as long as you keep your overall caloric intake to about 1,500. Keep that intake relatively low and you will continue to burn fat.

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  • Angel

    Hi, I am traveling to Florida on December 14 and I’d like to drop 20-30 pounds by then. Is that a realistic goal using this military diet?